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Olga Papina
Russian Federation, Волгоград
Darya Stepanova
Belarus, Минск
Djeirana Sauleac
Moldova, Кишинев


Reportage photography of a children's holiday will make it possible to emphasize the whole spontaneity of the children, capture their character traits, live emotions, and preserve the festive atmosphere. Any children's holiday is an incredibly emotional background that allows you to create a truly lively frames!


Increase the limit to the load for the main contest 35AWARDS 2018. Extensive coverage of the winner photos, as well as 35 of the best photos of the competition.


The best photos, based on the results of the audience vote, will be considered by the jury, among which the winners will be selected. The jury consists of the best photographers 35AWARDS, based on their professional level and competence in this topic. Voices of spectators are accepted during the reception of works and 10 days after completion. The jury can view the work during the public vote and 5 days after it.


  • photo - 1000 pixels on the longest side
  • Genre photo - Family photo
  • photo should be no copyright marks, add borders, etc.
  • entry fee - free
* A photo that has won or entered the TOP35 in other 35AWARDS contests can not enter the best photos of this contest. Only one photo of the author can enter the number of the best photos of this competition.
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