Rare species of animals in Russia and their habitat

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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and 35AWARDS photo award announce the launch of the competition "Rare species of Russian animals and their habitat". Wildlife photographers with images of rare animal species and their habitats are invited to participate.

The purpose of the contest is to bring the beauty of the wild nature of our country to the wide audience and to point out the problem points: preservation of populations of rare animals and their natural habitat, support for the work of specially protected natural areas, promotion of nature conservation initiatives of WWF Russia and drawing attention to the topic of ecotourism in Russia .

All photos must be taken on the territory of our country. Photographs for participation in the category "Rare animal species of Russia" should be made in the territory of priority ecoregionsWWF Russia.


Rare species of animals in Russia

Photographs of the inhabitants of the following ecoregions: Arctic, Altai-Sayan, Caucasus, Kamchatka, Far East.

Protected Russia

Photos of landscapes of Russian nature reserves, national and natural parks.

Wild animals in the city

Photographs of the animals themselves, their dwellings, the coexistence of species in the urban environment in Russia, human assistance in conserving and helping wild species to adapt to the urban environment.

Life in the style of eco

Photos of eco-friendly buildings, green roofs, separate garbage collection points, green architectural objects, renewable energy sources, eco-friendly products / shares / sustainable business and industries, electric vehicles, eco-farms, economical use of resources, etc.

What will the winner get?

Wide coverage of the winners' works in the environment of the photo community. Use them for charitable purposes related to the work of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Coverage of the printed works of the winners at the events of WWF Russia.


Audience voting will take place during the entire time of reception of work and within 10 days after the end of admission. According to the results of the audience's voting, 100 best works will be selected in each nomination. They will be presented to the jury members who will choose the top 10 from them. After summarizing the results of the voting will be available on the site by nomination. In each nomination it will be possible to see 10 prize-winning and 90 best in view of spectators of works.

  • A photo of at least 1000 pixels on the larger side
  • Without copyright marks (copyright), inscriptions, frames, etc.
  • Participation is free of charge
  • Important! Only wild animals can be seen in the photo

  • Jury

    Pavel Fomenko

    Head of the Biodiversity Conservation Program of the Amur Branch of WWF-Russia. Honored Worker of Nature Protection. Known to the whole world thanks to selfless work to save the Amur tiger population. In 2000, Time magazine awarded Pavel the title of "Hero of the Planet".

    Vasily Solkin

    Head of Public Relations of the Amur branch of WWF Russia and director of the media holding "Call of the Taiga". Author and creator of more than 30 films about the wild nature of the Far East, who won many prizes at Russian and international film festivals.

    Alexander Karnaukhov

    Coordinator of projects on biodiversity conservation of the Altai-Sayan branch of WWF-Russia. A well-known Russian specialist in the field of conservation of snow leopard numbers, one of the authors of the method of monitoring animals using photo traps.

    Ivan Mizin

    Coordinator of biodiversity conservation projects of the Barents Branch of WWF-Russia. Researcher of the Arctic and Antarctic, a photographer of the wild nature of the North. He worked for 15 years in various Russian specially protected natural areas. A participant in projects to restore the number of bison, preserve the number of wild reindeer.

    Pavel Boyev

    The main coordinator of the Green Economy program. He graduated from the Higher School of Economics, worked in the United Nations and in the Russian Geographical Society, studied anthropology and archeology at the University of Bristol. Pavel is studying environmental factors that influence the development of society.

    Yuri Sochnev

    Director for marketing and communications of WWF Russia. Yuri has over 13 years of experience in marketing and strategic communications of the largest international and Russian companies and more than 100 successfully implemented marketing projects in the commercial and non-commercial sectors.

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