Architectural photography

21.09.17 - 06.10.17
The competition finished

Ольга Александрова
Закоулки памяти
Russia, Санкт-Петербург
Leka Huie
The Canadian Museum of History
China, Hong Kong
Oleg Patrin
Геометрия архитектуры
Russia, Odintsovo

1 place

photo © Luca Augell

Project COUTURE BOOK. Book of manual binding from the collection "Minimalism" with photo cover.

The photographic cover is laminated for resistance to damage (glossy or matt lamination). For printing of the block - 5 kinds of professional papers FlexBind with opening of pages on 180 degrees. Block 64 pages or 32 spread. For the flyleaf, the book uses designer paper, toned in mass.


2 place

photo © Алексей Ермаков

Project MoPhotoPages. Modular poster for 6 parts.

Modular painting or poster - this is an effective addition to modern space. The most ordinary interior will become bright and unusual if you place such an art object on the wall. Wide-format printing, protective lamination, knurling on foam card 5 mm. The poster size is 900x600 mm. The image is cut into square modules of 300x300 mm size. provide convenience in transportation.


3 place

photo © Peter Iliev

Project MoPhotoPages. A set of 12 photos in a gift box.

Solid photo cards with a thickness of 1.3 mm, format 300x210 mm. Rigid gift packaging. You can choose the color of the box and the look of professional photographic paper Felix Schöeller. 2 stands for photographs as a gift.


TOP 35: Architectural photography

Peter Iliev
Natural History Museum, London
Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Russia, Москва
Jan Stria
Czech Republic, Prague
Antonio Bernardino
Portugal, Recarei
Прямиком на дно.
Russia, Санкт-Петербург
Сергей Зысько
Мост Миру. Тбилиси.
Ukraine, Хмельницкий
Igor Cherniavskiy
Утренний Псков!
Russia, Псков
Станислав Ситников
Brooklyn Bridge
Russia, Москва
Night After Night
Токарева Ирина
Культурный центр Гейдара Алиева в Баку.
Russia, Москва
Wilmek Ferenc
spiral staircase
Hungary, Székesfehérvár
Пантелеев Алексей
opposites 2
Russia, Москва
Дворец Удайпура
Russia, Москва
Gunter Graiss
Russia, Томск
Francisco Little
Creative Curves
Игнатьев Александр
Russia, Санкт-Петербург
Bhupesh Patel
India, Anand
Khatia Jijeishvili
Georgia, Tbilisi
г.Амритсар,Золотой храм
Russia, Майкоп
Сергей Ларин
Russia, Томск
Елена Сергиеня
Belarus, Минск
Evgeny Butusov
Trinity Library
Ireland, Mullingar
Russia, Москва
Алена Ерошкина
Russia, Санкт-Петербург
Воскресе́нский Ново-Иерусали́мский мужской монасты́рь
Russia, Москва
Daniyar Mustapanov
Энергия будущего
Kazakhstan, Astana
Anna Iatskiv
The Mushroom
Ирина Баш
blue glass. Anapa
Russia, Курск
Кожевников Сергей
Russia, Москва
Vallekas City (Madrid)
Александр Абросимов
Про улочки Старого Талллинна.
Estonia, Tallinn
Нина Богатырева
БЦ. Вид с отражениями.
Russia, Москва
Russia, Москва
Pit Rivers Museum
Spain, Madrid
Giandomenico Veneziani
The tower - Siena
Italy, Bisceglie
Main photography awards
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Urban landscape
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Ivan Musinov / 35AWARDS 2016

* You need to create the prize yourself in the MyPhotoPages project within 2 weeks after the announcement of the winners. Help when creating - Delivery of the prize in Moscow is free of charge, to other cities at the expense of the winner of the contest.

About the project MyPhotosPages

MyPhotoPages photographic service for almost six years of its work has produced tens of thousands of photo products that differ in their excellent quality. The creators of "MyPhotoPages" are literally in love with their work, so all products are made not only qualitatively, but also with love. The project "MyPhotoPages" is designed to make truly individual products from photographs: photobooks, calendars, sets of postcards and photos, posters and many other options that will please you all life and be passed on from generation to generation. And the process of creating your own photobook is an exciting creativity, even more interesting than the process of photographing. Create whole photo histories and product series with the help of the free online editor MyPhotoPages. The project team will help keep your stories in any format - they deserve to be told.


The project COUTURE BOOK is a service for professional photographers, designers and architects, helping to simplify the process of creating unique photo books and author's albums as much as possible. We took all the best that is available today in the world of polygraphy: innovative ideas, advanced technologies, elegant and pleasant to the touch, cover materials, innovative photo paper, perfect digital printing system, program for layout / layout of photographs. Applying the principle of color blocking, we developed ready-made serial collections of photobooks with and without a passepartout, photo sets with a passepartout and, of course, gift wrapping options, each of which will not only save photobooks for a long time, but will itself become an ornament of the interior.

We have a lot to create elite photobooks and art albums, and most importantly - our printing experience, creativity and the desire not to stop there. A personal approach to each client, a guarantee of the quality of the produced photographic products. Albums and photobooks that are created in our country are not inferior to works of the best world companies. Some of our books even go to world museums.

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