35AWARDS 2015

Лучшие фотографы в городе

participants from Витебск participated in 2015.

In 35AWARDS 2015 took part 36 thousand people from 110 countries. A total of 80 thousand. Photos were submitted. Rating is based on the basis of a better photo which scored the most votes.

Минск Гомель Витебск Брест Гродно

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35AWARDS 2016!

Dasha Matrosova, BelarusВладислав, BelarusPavel Pomoleyko, BelarusAlexander Maretsky, BelarusVolha Rusetskaya, BelarusАлександра, BelarusIrina Gordetskaya, BelarusТомашев Сергей, BelarusАксана, BelarusKomushenko Andrey, BelarusПищулова Анастасия Павловна, BelarusВиктор, BelarusВиктория, BelarusАлександра, BelarusАлексей, BelarusАлександр, BelarusАнастасия Целуйко, BelarusTatyana Ogarkova, BelarusДаша, BelarusЕкатерина, Belarusмилана, Belarussayat, BelarusАнита Марченко, BelarusВиктория, BelarusSiarhei, BelarusВиктор Николаев, BelarusАлексей, BelarusМаксим, BelarusМилена, Belarus

Other cities:

Минск, Гомель, Витебск, Брест, Гродно

35AWARDS 2016!

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